He wasn't lonely when he lived alone

You come across a person who has lived alone for three decades.
In the woods, in a mansion, in a haunted house, on a boat.
Tell us their story.

"I love my rose, but I have to leave her. I did put her into a glass container to protect her." He claimed.

"I guess, when you are missing someone or something, that makes you feel lonelier."

"Yes, I guess." He sadly looked into the sky.

I am not sure if he regrets, but life moves on.

I once met with another person, who has lived alone in the woods for a long long while. He seemed to enjoy his life. He told me, he could sing out loud as no one is watching. He could dance in the wind with flowers and leaves flying around. He loves to wander in the wood, and loves the encounters with name unknown creatures and plants. He never feel alone.

I asked him, "What about your family? Don't you miss them?"

He looked into my eyes, paused, then said. "To be frank, I don't. I feel lonely when I am with them."

Well, in case you are wondering where I am getting the writing prompts from, it's writescape