Dear Madam Curie

Pick a person you love or admire.
Write them a love letter.
Or a letter of appreciation.
Describe for them, in great details, your love, your admiration.
Be specific, detailed, rich in your language.

Dear Madam Curie,

I have known you since I was in Primary school. Your great discovery and invention was mentioned in one of our text books. I decided, I want to become a sciencetist when I grow up.

I love everything Science related. My most favourite was astronomy. I have a big A4 size book with all newspaper cuts on news related to Science findings, animals, plants, planets and stars, aliens...

In the Internet era now, I read more about you. You had a loving husband, who also supporting you in your career. When he died, you did not step back, but continue to work on and finally arhieve greater success in both Physics and Chemistry world. Your discovery has helped the development in medical science. Radioactivity able to kill cancerous cells and the X-ray, all these inventions have helped the mankind health up to the next level.

I could not express how much I admire you, for your determination and eager to learn everything. I am ashamed that I let myself being distracted by all other matters, and now, here I am, grown up, and could only read and write in the Internet world.

Anyway, you will always be remembered.

Salut! Madame.