You arrive on a scene (home? school? work?) to find chaos.
A mess, or smoke, or broken glass.
Somehting ridiculous has unfolded.

It was a hot afternoon. I was having Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No 1 looped on my playlist. I reached my secondary school, and parked my car. It was 25 years after we have graduated there, and our class lead organized a reunion there.

I saw some other cars were already there, all were big cars. Looks like my schoolmates did very well in their path. I looked at my Little Pinky MyVi, which has not been washed since Chinese New Year, and sighed. I should have washed it before coming. At least, my car would be clean. I thought.

I didn't leave myself continue to grumble, and walked to our classroom, which happened to be the Biology lab. As I went near the lab, I heard some noises. Wait! That's not "some noises", but a quarrel!

I didn't like to handle this, and wanted to turn back. But P just reached, and asked me what happened? "I don't know. I was thinking of turning back, and maybe wait at the cafeteria."

"Oh, don't. Let's go and check out."


As we went in, we saw S was crying. H was standing in another side of the classroom. There were 2 groups in the room. Our class teacher was standing beside S.

"Alright, S. H is doing this for you. He knew you miss your pals, so arranged this 20-years anniversary for you to be with your friends."

"But! It's our marriage anniversary today! He could have arrange this reunion on another day." H sobbed.

"Pengsan.... Apa ni..." P was still standing beside me, and I heard he whispered.