5 years later

Describe you in five years.
Be generous, kind, loving to future you.
Don't change too much.
You must still be you.

I still not achieving 100K subscribers on my YouTube channel. At least, I have around 10K on my second YouTube channel. I can "officially" announce that, I am a YouTuber.

It was difficult for me to decide to work on a second channel. For the past twenty years, I didn't make it to have my blog "well-known", or at lease achieving thousands view a day. My blogs and YouTube channels were too niche, and it's mainly focus on my own thoughts and creations. But alas, I am not an artist.

I finally got my first USD100 payout from Adsense. It was kept at less than one dollar for years. That's something worth to celebrate.

I am also now a RedHat certified architect, and a certified pen-tester. This is at plan, which I started five years ago. I didn't switch to another company, as this company provide the oppportunities to my life-long learning, and I enjoy the work here.

I am still single, and living alone. I moved to the city couple of years ago. I enjoy seeing the high rise and lights at night at my balcony, sipping nice Chinese tea.

I still wrtie songs, and the main audience is myself. I completed another 5-year diary.

Oh yeah! I can speak Japanese now, and managed to pass the N3 exam. I am starting to pick up French again.

I managed to build good morning and night routines. I sleep early, and wake up early nowadays. I manage to turn my excessive energy to something useful now. It's nice to realize that it would be helpful, rather than just be noticed as hyperactive, racing thoughts and aggressive.

Life has been so good so far. I can't ask for more.