Purpose of ilfe


Imagine two children, aged five or seven or ten.
Give them a complex topic:
The universe, love, loss, happiness, death.
Let them discuss it as children might do.

Hmm... Two children. D for Dave and J for Jason. They are talking about... purpose of life.

D: You've found your purpose of life?

J: You mean, what do you want to eat later?

D: Errr... yeah, sort of.

J: I am not sure what mum's going to cook for dinner...

D: Well, I guess we can eat something before dinner.

J: So, you found the purpose?

D: You mean, food?

J: Yeah, that's what were are talking about...

D: Yeah, right. Erm... I think there are still some left over cookies.

J: The one with a lot of chocolate chips?!

D: Yeah!

J: Let's go get it.

D: Let's go.

Both children go towards their mother.

D: Mum, where's the cookie?

M: No, there's no more cookie. Both of you should be taking nap right now.

J: But, that's not the purpose of life.

D: Yeah, we are looking for our purpose of life.

M: Purpose of life? So, what have you found?

J: We found you... so we can get our cookies.

D: Yes... cookies is our purpose... and that's before dinner!

M: What? Your purpose of life?

D: Yes, yes, yes. We found the purpose, we found.. we found that food is our purpose of life.


I have not mentioned where I got these writing ideas from. It's from writerscape's instagram.