you are handed the keys to a place you know little about.
A sports stadium, a farm, a hotel, a restaurant, a school.
You need to take charge, to fake it.
Comedy ensues.

"What's that?"

"Which?" I follow her finger point to my hand, a big bunch of keys is in my hand. "oh? This?"



"I know they are keys, but what are these keys?"

"Oh!" Let me think, what shall be my answer? Keys to a castle? A hostel? My garage's cabinets?

As my mind was running wild with all the possibilities, she walked nearer, and touched the keys.

"These keys looked... ancient."

Yes! Ancient! "Yeah! it was left by my grandpa to my father, and now I own it."

"What are these keys for?"

"Oh, it's the keys of the old cabinet that we put in the garage. You want to take a look?"

"Can I?" Her eyes opened wide with full of excitement.

"Sure, let's go."

I brought her to my garage, and showed her a big tall cabinet.


"Yes, the keys are for this."

"But it has no lock!"

"Exactly. The doors to this cabinet was ripped off from time to time, that we no longer need these keys." I laugh out loud in my heart. :D