It's Emperor's friend

Pick an animal you know little about and find its picture.
A capybara, an aardvark, a shoebill, a ribbon worm.
Describe it as you were an expert.

Alright, I got distracted by Googling上古神獸. I am wondering, shall I put this in Chinese. I could have direct translate the word "animal" to 獸, and causing all these distraction and confusion. I chose Black Tortoise (玄武) at first, later read something about the Vermilion Bird (朱雀) and wanted to work on that. However, whatever I found in my search result, I am not able to describe it (them) as animal. :( Also, I can't decide which of the 4 I like the best. Then, I came across 太阳烛照 and 太阴幽荧. I am not able to find the translation for this two, but, you can say they are the sun and the moon...

So, I pull myself back to today's topic. What animal should I pick. The ones I read earlier, are not animal. They are mythological. I spent more than 20 minutes, still unable to decide what to write.

I just flipped 山海經, and found this 五彩鳥. As I googled, it returned me 五色鳥 (Taiwan barbet). So, let's do this. :) I'll combine the info I got in 山海經 and Wiki.

It's is called as five-coloured bird in Chinese.

The plumage is mostly green. The lore has a red spot. The ear-coverts and lower malar are blue. The throat is mustard yellow. The forehead is yellow. There is a black stripe above the eye. The beak is black and thick. The breast has a blue band and a red band. The belly is yellowish-green. The feet are greyish. (Copied from Wiki...)

This bird's tweet sounds like a monk playing the wooden fish (木魚!), and it is so colourful, thus it's also called flowerish monk (花和尚). :D

They like to do couple dance (can't find a suitable translation for 相對起舞...). They are Emperor Jun's (帝俊) friends. The Emperor Jun's two altar in the mortal world are managed by this 五彩鳥。

- end -