Food stock tracking day 9

Today, with 12 L of drinking water in stock, I am ready to stay at home. Caught a cold in the morning. Actually, I wanted to just take off and rest, but saw a message from another colleague, he admitted to hospital. If I take off day, then the team might run into trouble. Since I can still work from home, and probably take small rest from time to time, then.. I worked! :)

This is how the overnight oat turned out from day 8 preparation. OK, I had it yesterday before went to the mechanics. :D

As for today, I cooked rice. Oh, I didn't mention I bought a kg of rice together with 12 L of water yesterday. :D Actually, I also bought some fresh vege salad too. I memang plan to work from home today, anyway. :D

Last night, I also prepared myself overnight oat. This round I have it with drinking water, honey, chia seed and sesame seed. Oh, with dried blackcurrants and raspberry too. Then I added kiwi and some nuts when having it. :D

Oh yeah, not to forget, I started my day with first bulletproof coffee of the month.

I actually had the overnight oats as brunch, ate at noon.

Then, I was ready for ANOTHER lunch at 14:30. I had the mixed vege cooked together with rice, then baked the sausage and crab sticks.

The lunch box is too small for me to fit in all the food that I cooked. Salad took a big portion of the lunch box. But, since I had brunch, so this portion is just nice (actually didn't expect to feel hungry 2 hours after the brunch). And I had my Vitagen of the day.

So, I had heavy lunches. And thought I will not be able to finish what I cooked today. Ended up, I felt hungry again around 18:30. Planned to do workout in the evening, since I didn't manage to get some time for it in the morning. So, my work out plan got cancelled again... I heat up my food, then had it in a different presentation. :D

Speaking of food, I feel hungry again now. Probably I should get milo and ... ops, it's over 23:00, then I better get only milo to counter the hunger feeling.

Here's the stock record of the day.