Food stock tracking day 5,6,7,8

Haha! You'll know why I have all these days record put together in one post!

I don't cook, if it's weekend staying over my parents place, or work from office.

So, basically for day 5,6 and 7, I consumed only Vitagen.

And on day 8, which is a Sunday night, I cooked something -- PROCESSED FOOD!!! Taste nice and easy to cook. :D

I also prepared overnight oat for the next day. I used Vitagen to soak the oats, because I didn't have any cool drinking water for it. And thank god I didn't. I didn't realised that the water supply is polluted!!! I planned to work from home on Monday due to a car accident, and don't feel like driving out the next day. But alas! Due to the water pollution, I forced myself to drive out for mechanic, and go to office to work. Then bought 12 L of drinking water home! >_<