My 2018 annual review

Looking back to my records, I only did a proper review in 2015, inspired by James Clear. I mostly did was just the summary of my year.

Let's get back on track. Frankly speaking, after reading back my moving forwards section in 2015 review, I just bought related books and tools and didn't work on it since then. The only thing that I could unproudly say is, I started some tabata exercise since September last year. But I stopped gradually then drastically after that. :D

Alright, let's begin the review for last year.

What went well this year?


I passed the CCSP examination. I managed to finished 3 books in preparation for it. I did note taking for most of the chapters. My mock exams start from ~70% correct answer, at the border of passing the examination mark to ~80%. I don't know how much I score in the real exam, but I am sure I did it quite well. :D

I also attended a speed reading introduction. It did help me in preparing my CCSP.

I have finished my 1-year SimplyPiano subscription, manage to complete 9 courses (according to my android app record, not sure if it has the same complete courses as in IOS). I am continue my subscription to pick up piano in 2019 too.


I read about 25 books last year. Mostly had my reading at Popular, and didn't spend much time to read my own books. Mainly because, I spent my lunch time and dinner time to read there. Read a few tool-books (工具書), which I think not bad.


I am given an additional role in my current organisation, business analyst. I have been holding this role for a few months, wrote a functional document, and assist bit here and there. For this role, I have signed up IDF recently, and taking Design Thinking course currently. I hope it helps. :)


I didn't do much trip this year, but... I went for Encore-Malacca, a hike at Gunung Pulut, and Hua Hin (my only oversea trip).


I don't know where to put this category, because I am not quite satisfied with my blogging record last year. I did not complete my write up for 2017 Iceland trip. Looking back at those blog entries, I must say I did them quite well. I will put the culprits in the next section.

What didn't go so well this year?


My ITIL exam, though pass, at 75%, but I am not satisfied.


In 2015, I wrote that I stopped eating spicy food. On the contrary, I ate a lot of tomyum last year, and that's my top one favourite food! I tried to cut down sugar intake, but that just limited to the one week that I spent with myself in preparing for CCSP exam in September. I hope I can turn off my craving of sugar, and spicy food... but I just bought 2 bottles of tomyum and sambal for my meal cooking...


Didn't do much photography this year.

Bad planning

Yes, I should put this in one category. I have been dragging my CCSP exam for very long, almost a year. I had my course in WW02, and only took the exam in WW49! In between, I only spent around 2-3 weeks to prepare for the exam, then went for it. For this, I stopped myself from doing any other productive works, such as blogging and song recording. I didn't even dare to think of writing songs.

And my procrastination and the sick-addict to novels also another culprit for this. I must reduce procrastination and plan a time to feed my novel addict, so they won't take up so much time that would make me neglect something more important!

What am I working towards?

I will work out a plan, that I am proud to present like I did in my 2010 and 2011 summary. Be it songs, novels, articles...

Plan for 2019 includes drawings (focusing on water colour), IDF courses, Piano courses, writings (focusing on brush lettering, 楷體, 瘦金體), journaling, a list of 10 books, learn to swim, and travel plans. :)