Mr. Left and Mr. Right

話說,朋友借了張DVD給我,劇名叫做Mr. Right.




A:Is it true there's only Mr. Right?

J:Of course not! There's Mr. Left too, depends on which country you are in.

A & F :Huh?

J:If you are in Malaysia, of course it's called Mr. Right. But if you are in US, it's called Mr. Left.

F:Seriously? Why?

J:If you sit in a car with your partner, he'll be the driver, and sit on your right. That's why he's called Mr. Right. But in US, the driver seat is on the left, so they are called Mr. Left in US.

A:Yeah, right...


F:Is this real fact?

J:Of course.... not!

A:Haha! What if he has a driver?

J:Hehe... then you get to choose if you want a Mr. Right or Mr. Left.

F:You must be kidding!

J:Yes! You won't be sitting beside the driver, right? You'll be sitting beside him. So, you get to choose if you want him to be Mr. Right or Mr. Left.

A:What if I would like to sit in the middle?

J:Well, you can choose to have both Mr. Right and Mr. Left!

A:What?! I can't have both...

J:Why not? Hahaha! Or you can pick the richer one!