His music needed one thing. Her.

I went to watch this play alone.

This is the one song, repeated in the play, and made me shed tears.

The tagline is so sweet, his music needed one thing, her.

I am not so sure about the movie, but in the play, he sing out the songs for her, but he composed the song for another her. The play did not literally spell out that he is going to New York to see her, but she is letting him go. She said, "Go."

The play ended with a gift from the guy to the girl, a piano, and with this song.

I was just speechless, drown in the poetic love story. (Thank god, I was alone! No interruption!) I wished, someone could have write me a love song. But later, I realize that, it would only be real mine, if I write it myself. This play is a good motivation, and guideline for my "play". :D