Falling slowly vs Forbidden Love

OK, I wrote about Falling slowly in my last post.

But I haven't finished with my thought. This song reminded me of another piece of music that I love for years, Forbidden Love.

This is slightly different from the one I shared yesterday.

And this is Forbidden Love.

Do you notice the similarity of the two?

They are both 4/4, and most of the rhythm are comprised of crochets. Very minimal of the variation on the rhythm. I just love this.

P/S: The live version of "Falling Slowly" made me cry, and I have been listened repeatedly today, while driving. :P

P/S 2: Hey! I was not only watching HD version of Once, I watched LIVE version of Once! Hahaha! Just suddenly to have this thought came across my mind. :P

P/S 3: I have so much to rant about, but I'll stop for now. Just wish I'll write all out. :P

- The end -